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One of my greatest passions is helping people and their dogs to have the best relationship they can.

Most people have a great dog except for a few things like jumping up on visitors or pulling on the lead and these things can really get you frustrated if you don’t know how to “fix” it. The relationship between you and your dog can be strained and this is where I can really help.

I come into your home, assess what is happening and I teach you the practical skills to “turn that menace into a mate”. Together we rebuild that relationship with your dog and set you up to have a great life together.

We’ve tried other trainers but Marnie was the first to really help us understand our relationship with our dogs and what they were trying to tell us. She gave us new techniques to try that have worked. We’ve seen real improvements as have others and we have a much better relationship with our dogs.

Jacqui Deakin

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